Red Button Group and Global Tech Incubator become Quartile One

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A Global Asset Management Business

Red Button Group and industry partner Global Tech Incubator have officially joined to create the Quartile One business. This natural transition for our two companies allows us to capitalise on the strengths of each business, through providing critical asset decision making fuelled by ‘finger on the pulse’ information technology. Together, we will provide seamless access to an improved offering, based on our joint expertise in data-driven asset performance.

Since 2014, Red Button Group and Global Technology Incubator have helped our clients better manage their assets and grow the value in their businesses. Our shared vision, our synergies and our positive results over the past four years inspired us to combine the best of both companies and as a result of this collaboration, we developed the largest data-driven study of asset performance in the mining sector ever conducted. This has involved analysis of the equivalent of 85,000 years of equipment performance and decision data covering many asset types, as part of more than 600 projects spanning 18 countries. This knowledge has equipped us with a unique perspective on global asset management within the mining value chain, and we are only just getting started.

We work with our partners to move them towards quartile one performance. Our data-driven asset performance gives customers a competitive advantage to Connect via powerful insights, Focus on what’s important and Calibrate for ultimate efficiency.

Our Quartile One business is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with additional global hubs in Europe and Asia. For further information please contact Elisha Bellchambers 07 3229 9540 or email

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