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Manager of program & ops

Q. When did you start at Quartile One?
November 2009, when it was still Red Button Group.

Q. Why did you join the company?
I had great respect for Rob and Mark (founders of The Red Button Group) and loved the idea of being in control of our own destiny as part of a small business.

Q. What type of businesses do you work for?
I manage a plant hire business account in Australia that have the desire to make digital a core pillar of the value proposition to their customers. As a business, they align with one of our core principles of owning their customer’s problem and are looking to support their customers in a way that is mutually beneficial through a digital platform.

Q. What has been your favourite project to date and why? 
For a period of three months, I was embedded in a Newcastle coal business as an Improvement Specialist. It was very rewarding being ‘in the trenches’ and solving problems with the customer – especially when they implemented the suggested improvements and measured meaningful, positive change to the business. Also, Newcastle has fantastic beaches right in the middle of town!

Q. What do you find the most rewarding in your role at Quartile One? 
Delivering an outcome that is genuinely appreciated by a customer. It is very satisfying when you have been able to breakdown a problem and deliver solutions that your customer acknowledges have made a positive, tangible difference to their role or business.

Q. What would you say are some of your key achievements?

  • In Chile, worked with a large multi-national client on a $150,000 project. The cost savings due to our implemented recommendations equate to approximately USD$60 million benefit over the life of the asset (10-yrs).
  • Worked with a green field mine in South Africa on equipment selection project. They planned to use the same equipment types they had in mines adjacent. Recommended using a different type of fleet, saving approximately ZAR$8 billion over the life of the mine.

Q. What is a surprising or random fact about you? 
I love rock climbing and I love travel. I try to combine the two as much as I can, heading around Australia and the world!

Q. Do you have a favourite quote to live by? 
Blaming doesn’t help anybody - take responsibly and sort the problem out.