nick wise
Commercial Analyst

Q. What is your role at Quartile One?
I was hired as a Commercial Analyst within the Decision Support team. I’ve spent most of my time here supporting the Planner Hub team through the automation of workflows and the development of KPIs and reports. However, for the past eight weeks I’ve been acting as a long-term maintenance planner covering the fleet of a large heavy equipment client.

I also continue to work closely with the Program and Operations team, reporting on resource allocation and project health across the company. My reputation precedes me when it comes to filling in time sheets.

Q. What are your qualifications?
I have a degree in mathematics. These days however I tend to rely on my learned problem solving skills more so than mathematical formulas.

Q. When did you start at Quartile One?
I started in February 2018 at the time of the transition from Red Button Group to Quartile One.

Q. Why did you join the company?
I joined Quartile One because I was excited by the opportunity to be part of an agile, fast-paced company. I’d never worked in the mining industry before but I was driven by the challenge. I’ve learnt very quickly that no two days are ever the same around here.

Q. What type of businesses do you work for?
I have six years’ experience working in the aerospace industry (which I loved) and one year working in finance. I draw a lot of parallels between Quartile One and my time in aerospace, except that the machinery here can’t fly.

Q. What has been your favourite project to date and why?
My favourite project so far has been the recent opportunity to step into the shoes of a long-term maintenance planner within the Planner Hub. My eight-week secondment has given me a much greater appreciation for the challenges faced as a planner and has given me a unique perspective on the end-to-end process that I had previously contributed to. There is great camaraderie within the team, who band together to provide continuity and a familiar voice to our client.

Q. What would you say are some of your key achievements so far?

  • Surviving eight weeks as a long-term maintenance planner. I’ve had to lean on the team's knowledge and assistance to get up to speed as soon as possible!

  • Getting my photo on the Quartile One website, video, brand book and a tender for a global mining corporation. When I moved into a new house recently my neighbour recognised me and introduced himself because he had applied for a job at Quartile One and had seen my photo on our website. That was a peculiar conversation.

Q. What do you find the most rewarding in your role at Quartile One?
I love that there are always new clients, projects and opportunities to contribute. We have an amazing team of individuals who can both pull together to achieve the best result for the client, and also share a laugh.

Q. What is a surprising or random fact about you?
In a past life I used to live in the United States and travel the world as a professional video gamer. I spent 12 months away from home and loved ones, competing on big stages in front of audiences. At our peak, my team was ranked 14th in the world. Sometimes this may be reported as high as 10th depending on when/who I tell this story to.

I still keep in touch with my old teammates and close friends. They’re currently in Kiev in Ukraine representing Australia.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote to live by?
Always fill out your time sheets.