Nataliia SOKOLYK

Recruitment Manager
human resources

Q. What is your role at Quartile One?

Q. What are your qualifications?
IT Recruitment.

Q. When did you start at Quartile One?
3rd of July 2017.

Q. Why did you join the company?
I saw a young, ambitious group of people who enjoy their work and I realised that I wanted to be part of it.

Q. What typically are the skillsets you recruit for?
Mainly I look for .Net developers, Front End developers, DevOps Engineers, QA Engineers, Embedded, designers and so on.

Q. What do you believe to be the advantages of having an office in Ukraine?
Ukraine is renowned for intelligent IT specialists. Also, this field is quite popular in Ukraine and well respected, so a lot of young people want to develop a skillset in this area. 

Q. What has been your favourite project to date and why?
I would have to say for one of our major clients, a large underground mine in Australia. The team I recruited got great satisfaction from the project and have heard they did some impressive work.

Q. What do you find the most rewarding in your role at Quartile One? 
Finding the right people for our team, who fit our culture and can add real value to our projects.

Q. What would you say are some of your key achievements so far?
The people that I have helped recruit are happy and thriving in their role.

Q. What is a surprising or random fact about you? 
Salsa dancer with a master’s degree in Astrophysics.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote to live by? 
The most important things in life are study and travel. To keep learning.