dion lucke

Q. What is your role at Quartile One?
My role is Manager – Solutions Development. My team has a technology design focus. We work with customers to identify the problems that they need solved, understand the business value, and then design bespoke solutions to deliver that value.

Q. What are your qualifications?
I completed a Bachelor of Engineering (Minerals Processing) degree at University of Queensland. Process engineering was a great way to get started in the mining industry. It taught me to think about the macro and micro elements of systems and how the components interact. This transfers well to lots of different contexts.

Q. When did you start at Quartile One?
I started with Quartile One in mid-2016. It was a much smaller business back then, but the core ideas and philosophy have not changed. Being part of the evolution since that time has been a great experience.

Q. Why did you join the company?
After a career of working in operations and project evaluation roles, I got bitten by “the data bug” while working in remote analytics and process optimisation for Rio Tinto. What drew me to Quartile One was the ideal of helping customers “build a better business” through the pragmatic use of technology and data-based decision making. I really enjoy combining an understanding of the detail and the big picture to solve business problems.

When I saw Rob (our CEO) with a “I love spreadsheets” coffee mug, I knew that I was in the right place.

Q. What type of businesses do you work for?
My experience base has been in the mining industry, although some of the businesses that I’ve worked for would be better described as logistics. In my current role, I work with customers that span a range of industries but that are all looking for “their Quartile One”.

Q. What has been your favourite project to date and why?
Every project is an opportunity to learn new things. It never feels right to pick a favourite…

Q. What do you find the most rewarding in your role at Quartile One? 
I get attached to the customers, team, and solutions that I work with. Most of my time with Quartile One has focussed on a small number of projects with long-term customers. It is really rewarding to see the work that we do translate into meaningful outcomes for our partners.

Q. What would you say are some of your key achievements so far?
Stabilising the initial deployments of an asset performance technology platform (for one of the world’s largest Mining rental equipment dealerships) has definitely been a highlight. We built a support team, created tools to diagnose system issues, developed relationships with the vendors, and put “boots on the ground” to help end-users with value delivery and change management. The team pulled together and did a great job.

Q. What is a surprising or random fact about you? 
People who have known me for less than 10 years will only ever have seen me without hair. In my university days, I was known for having long hair… This is something that my kids still have a hard time getting their heads around.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote to live by? 
I don’t really think about quotes as something to live by, but one that comes to mind is: In God we Trust… all others bring data.