development operations lead

Q. What is your role at Quartile One?
I manage the DevOps team, while also working on a large ongoing project with one of Australia’s largest mining equipment dealerships, as a DevOps Engineer. My core area is architecture design for software development projects.   

Q. When did you start at Quartile One?
I started in September 2016.

Q. What are your qualifications?
My background is in Information Technology. Since starting with Quartile One, I have had to become more aware of the latest technology trends,  as a lot of new IoT technologies are used in our software development projects.

Q. Why did you join the company?
I was looking for new opportunities at that time and was excited to get an offer from a global business like Quartile One, which at that point had just opened a hub in Ukraine.

Q. What type of businesses do you work for?
I work in the software development space for a number of asset intensive organisations, from Mining to Logistics.

Q. What has been your favourite project to date and why?
I enjoy working on IoT technology projects, particularly for a Mining equipment customer with thousands of assets. I am involved in the IoT platform’s communication, integration and Cloud Computing. I help to develop the device technologies and ensure each function is delivering value.

This can be anything from engine metrics, to geographic location data from sensors.

Q. What would you say are some of your key achievements?
Being involved with our Managing Directors in the early architecture stages on some of our key customer projects.

On one project in particular we faced difficulties like software compatibility. That was an interesting and exciting period, because almost every day I had to resolve problems and look for new solutions.  

Q. What is a surprising or random fact about you? 
I am trying to visit a new city, town or country every few months.

Q. Do you have a favourite quote to live by? 
Success is 1% talent and 99% hard work.